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Bas nylons et un garage plus loin


Suite de l’exploration des séries « Pebbles » et du garage punk. Vous pouvez voir ici un descriptif concernant ce mouvement musical et albums de la série. Nous visitons ici les volumes 11-12-13 de la collection.

The Leather Boy – I’m A Leather Boy

The Leather Boy – Shadows

The Galaxies IV – Don’t Lose Your Mind

Looking Glasses – Visions

The Aardvarks – I’m Higher Than I’m Down

The Fountain Of Youth – Hard Woman

The Beaver Patrol – E.S.P

The Mad Hatters – I’ll Come Running

The Clock Work Orange – Your Golden Touch

Richard and the Young Lions – You Can Make It

The Outcasts – I Didn’t Have To Love Her Anymore

The Free Thinkers – You Were Born For Me

The Original Sinners – You’ll Never Know

The Apollos – Target Love

Les Sinners – Nice Try (Canada)

The Spirit – No Time To Rhyme

The Knight Riders – I

Cole And The Embers – Hey Girl

The Apollos / That’s The Breaks

Les Lutins – Laissez-Nous Vivre (Canada)

The Ones – Didi-Wa-Didi